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The Best Laid Plans of Doggs and Men… or Why I’m Streaming Everyday and Why It’s All Travis’ Fault

As has been often remarked, my brain is brimful of fertiliser (at least that’s what I take from it when people say my head is full of shit) so it wasn’t going to take much to get me raking over the soil and taking one of those seeds of an idea and formulating a “strategy” to improve the channel, encourage renewed growth, give value for the subscriptions, and ultimately give something back to this fledgling industry.

Dogg Barks Food, Parenting & Entitled Millenial Social Media Pricks

Paved with Good Intentions – A Comment on #GamerGate

Gaming is no stranger to controversy, not by a long shot. Over the years gaming and gamers have been the targets of various groups looking for a scapegoat, a boogeyman to blame the ills of the world upon and games have been a perfect target. It started with claims that games cause violence and anti-social […]

Anti-Social Media – How a parent deals with their kid joining up for the first time.

This week it kind of hit home what a fucking horrible place social media can be. After the tragic news of her father’s death Zelda Williams (daughter of beloved actor Robin Williams) publicly removed her twitter account after being targeted with photoshopped pictures purporting to be of her dad post suicide. I’m sure many of […]

Breaking the shackles of ADSL, or The Triumphant Return of MahdDoggTV

The Dogg is excited about the return of MahdDoggTV on Twitch