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Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 1: Travis Shreffler

I’d like to say this first episode went off without a hitch, I’d like to say there were no technical issues at all… but reality is being a shitheel and saying that I can’t. While the interview itself was everything I wanted and more, my software decided to throw a spanner in the works meaning that […]

The Best Laid Plans of Doggs and Men… or Why I’m Streaming Everyday and Why It’s All Travis’ Fault

As has been often remarked, my brain is brimful of fertiliser (at least that’s what I take from it when people say my head is full of shit) so it wasn’t going to take much to get me raking over the soil and taking one of those seeds of an idea and formulating a “strategy” to improve the channel, encourage renewed growth, give value for the subscriptions, and ultimately give something back to this fledgling industry.

Gifs, bots and extensions don’t make you a good streamer. It’s all on you.

“I’m thinking about streaming, what advice can you give me?”

Dogg And Toad Episode 03 – Beyond Frontier with Ed Lewis

Snuggled in the Snug with Squire Mutt and Sir Lillypad is Frontier Developments Community Manager Ed Lewis talking live streams, music, Tabletop gaming and breaking MahdDogg’s heart within the first half hour. See Ed’s Stream on: http://www.twitch.tv/edwardclewis Ed’s Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/edwardclewis1 Ed’s Twitter: twitter.com/edwardclewis Music from: incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

Dennis the Flight Instructor Returns in a new video, and this time he’s brought a friend.

Dennis the Flight Instructor is tasked with trailing a new type of docking computer. Things are not going to go well.

Breaking the shackles of ADSL, or The Triumphant Return of MahdDoggTV

The Dogg is excited about the return of MahdDoggTV on Twitch