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Who The F@&k Is..? on Spotify NOW

Well holy fuckballs, that was quick. The first episode of Who The F@&k Is..? is now available to listeners on Spotify. I got the hosting sorted today using Soundcloud and have sent the RSSFeed far and wide. The podcast should be confirmed on iTunes shortly, but Spotify takes the Premiere spot. Stream it, download it, […]

Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 1: Travis Shreffler

I’d like to say this first episode went off without a hitch, I’d like to say there were no technical issues at all… but reality is being a shitheel and saying that I can’t. While the interview itself was everything I wanted and more, my software decided to throw a spanner in the works meaning that […]

UC Berkeley: Antifa riots outside to prevent a talk taking place. There is NO moral justification for this.

Protests at UC Berkeley. Protesters chanting “This is what community looks like.” This should prompt a clear out… I am now going to exercise my right to free speech, I’m not going to kill, oppress or take anyone’s rights away. You may disagree with what follows, but I’m past giving a fuck now. UC Berkeley: […]