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The First 4 Weeks

So, I’m four weeks into this little experiment in content creation and marketing; and so far there has been a measurable growth as I bed in the technology, and get into the rhythm of a new schedule. It’s had it’s frustrations and hiccups on the way, teething issues, and not one stream seems to have […]

Who The F@&k Is..? on Spotify NOW

Well holy fuckballs, that was quick. The first episode of Who The F@&k Is..? is now available to listeners on Spotify. I got the hosting sorted today using Soundcloud and have sent the RSSFeed far and wide. The podcast should be confirmed on iTunes shortly, but Spotify takes the Premiere spot. Stream it, download it, […]

Dogg And Toad Episode 01 – Enter the Squee

The first official episode of The Dogg and Toad Podcast. Now Available on iTunes Joining the Mutt and the Amphibian in the Snug is Elite Dangerous Streamer, Moderator and all round squeer Kerrash whose regular livestream kerrashlanding.com is a cornerstone of the Elite Dangerous community. Talking about Planet Coaster, games in general and tech news . […]