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The First 4 Weeks

So, I’m four weeks into this little experiment in content creation and marketing; and so far there has been a measurable growth as I bed in the technology, and get into the rhythm of a new schedule. It’s had it’s frustrations and hiccups on the way, teething issues, and not one stream seems to have […]

Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 3 – Arrogant Media

I was introduced to the Super Arrogant Bros podcast by a viewer, Hitmonkey, who is an avid fan of their shows. After a binge of HOURS of content, I got the opportunity to sit down with Producer/Host Dirk to talk about content creation, internet culture and what it takes to purchase a gun in the […]

Who The F@&k Is..? on Spotify NOW

Well holy fuckballs, that was quick. The first episode of Who The F@&k Is..? is now available to listeners on Spotify. I got the hosting sorted today using Soundcloud and have sent the RSSFeed far and wide. The podcast should be confirmed on iTunes shortly, but Spotify takes the Premiere spot. Stream it, download it, […]

Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 1: Travis Shreffler

I’d like to say this first episode went off without a hitch, I’d like to say there were no technical issues at all… but reality is being a shitheel and saying that I can’t. While the interview itself was everything I wanted and more, my software decided to throw a spanner in the works meaning that […]

What the Fuck is “Who The F@&k Is..?”

Announcing new content on twitch.tv/mahddogg

Where in the world is MahdDogg?

I guess a bit of explanation is in order due to the ongoing lack of streams. Those who follow me on Twitch will have noticed I’ve not been streaming much over the last couple of months, to call it sporadic is definitely an understatement. So what gives? Where the fuck has The Dogg been?

Anti-Social Media – How a parent deals with their kid joining up for the first time.

This week it kind of hit home what a fucking horrible place social media can be. After the tragic news of her father’s death Zelda Williams (daughter of beloved actor Robin Williams) publicly removed her twitter account after being targeted with photoshopped pictures purporting to be of her dad post suicide. I’m sure many of […]

Elite: Dangerous Review – Standard Beta – Part One: Overview

July 29th 2014 saw the release of the Elite: Dangerous Standard Beta. While the Premium Beta had whet the appetites of many fans of David Braben’s epic space trading sim, this release was more of a full on starter of 55 playable systems as opposed to the amuse-bouche of the five presented previously. With the SB release came an influx of new players, and an influx of opinions that have courted some controversy on the Frontier Forums. More on that later. First I have to tell you what this old dog thinks about Standard Beta…

Can websites be dangerous to our kids?

If you’re in the UK then no doubt you will have heard the sad story of Hannah Smith, the 14 year old from Leicestershire whose recent suicide has been attributed to “Cyber Bullying”. When the story first emerged her, understandably, upset parents pointed the finger of blame squarely at the Latvian based website ask.fm and […]