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Who The F@&k Is..? on Spotify NOW

Well holy fuckballs, that was quick. The first episode of Who The F@&k Is..? is now available to listeners on Spotify. I got the hosting sorted today using Soundcloud and have sent the RSSFeed far and wide. The podcast should be confirmed on iTunes shortly, but Spotify takes the Premiere spot. Stream it, download it, […]

Banning Books is Never the Answer

Two books that look at racism in their time and have strong messages AGAINST it and Dumb-Fuck Virginia idiots want them banned, because of the word “Nigger” being used in them. What are these horrific racist books? you may ask… Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Dogg Barks Food, Parenting & Entitled Millenial Social Media Pricks

Dogg Barks – Hatred, Moral Panic and The Crusaders Who Ignore Science

Adam Simmonds is an idiot. He’s in charge of a police force and can’t even get basic facts right. Banging the drum for a new Adult Only certificate for games when we already have one.

In honour of my Furry Angel – Tammy RIP x

A dog is not just a pet. A dog is a member of the family. A child to a parent, a sibling to the children. A dog is a companion in times of loneliness and pain, not judging, not advising, just loving. When you lose your dog it leaves a hole in your life.

Angry Dogg lets rip about #GamerGate

Moral Panic II – Why Hatred should exist

I thought we’d all get a bit of a rest from game release moral panic, at least until Rockstar announced GTA6, but no. A few weeks ago Polish developers Destructive Creations released a trailer for their new game Hatred that had op-ed writers screaming towards their keyboards, slamming their offended faces into the keys until […]

Parents of GamerGate are telling you to Back the Fuck Off

I’m angry right now and as such I know I should probably step away from the keyboard, crank up steam, and spend this feeling blasting monsters and enemies in a game, but I can’t. I can’t because I know that if I ignore what is happening in games and media right now I could lose […]

Paved with Good Intentions – A Comment on #GamerGate

Gaming is no stranger to controversy, not by a long shot. Over the years gaming and gamers have been the targets of various groups looking for a scapegoat, a boogeyman to blame the ills of the world upon and games have been a perfect target. It started with claims that games cause violence and anti-social […]

Anti-Social Media – How a parent deals with their kid joining up for the first time.

This week it kind of hit home what a fucking horrible place social media can be. After the tragic news of her father’s death Zelda Williams (daughter of beloved actor Robin Williams) publicly removed her twitter account after being targeted with photoshopped pictures purporting to be of her dad post suicide. I’m sure many of […]