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The First 4 Weeks

So, I’m four weeks into this little experiment in content creation and marketing; and so far there has been a measurable growth as I bed in the technology, and get into the rhythm of a new schedule. It’s had it’s frustrations and hiccups on the way, teething issues, and not one stream seems to have […]

Who The F@&k Is..? on Spotify NOW

Well holy fuckballs, that was quick. The first episode of Who The F@&k Is..? is now available to listeners on Spotify. I got the hosting sorted today using Soundcloud and have sent the RSSFeed far and wide. The podcast should be confirmed on iTunes shortly, but Spotify takes the Premiere spot. Stream it, download it, […]

Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 1: Travis Shreffler

I’d like to say this first episode went off without a hitch, I’d like to say there were no technical issues at all… but reality is being a shitheel and saying that I can’t. While the interview itself was everything I wanted and more, my software decided to throw a spanner in the works meaning that […]

What the Fuck is “Who The F@&k Is..?”

Announcing new content on

Important Dogg Rant

Gifs, bots and extensions don’t make you a good streamer. It’s all on you.

“I’m thinking about streaming, what advice can you give me?”

Where in the world is MahdDogg?

I guess a bit of explanation is in order due to the ongoing lack of streams. Those who follow me on Twitch will have noticed I’ve not been streaming much over the last couple of months, to call it sporadic is definitely an understatement. So what gives? Where the fuck has The Dogg been?

Banning Books is Never the Answer

Two books that look at racism in their time and have strong messages AGAINST it and Dumb-Fuck Virginia idiots want them banned, because of the word “Nigger” being used in them. What are these horrific racist books? you may ask… Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Dogg And Toad Episode 05 – They Call Him Mister Fantastic with guest Dan Grubb

Dressed in his best mankini and worrying the locals Dan Grubb CEO of Fantastic Books Publishing joins the Canine and Anuran as they shoot the breeze in the familiar snug of the Dogg & Toad. Dan shares an exclusive clip from their new audio project and we talk books, gaming and learn about the figure […]

Dogg And Toad Episode 04 – Look to Shadeward with guest Drew Wagar

Joining the Fuzzy One and The Damp One in the snug is Author Drew Wagar writer of the Official Elite: Dangerous novel Reclamation and creator of The Shadeward Saga. We chew the fat discussing writing, gaming and discover how to synergise Science with Religion.   Follow Drew on Twitter: Read Drew’s Blog: Buy […]