The First 4 Weeks

So, I’m four weeks into this little experiment in content creation and marketing; and so far there has been a measurable growth as I bed in the technology, and get into the rhythm of a new schedule. It’s had it’s frustrations and hiccups on the way, teething issues, and not one stream seems to have gone without some kind of technical hitch. But that is production and development. Nothing is meteoric.

Streams Triptich

Game Streaming on

The testing of formats isn’t done yet. Game streams are game streams, they evolve as they progress, so long as I keep enjoying the catharsis and fun they’re pretty much set in stone.

Who The F@&k Is..? is working out how I wanted it to. Each show is different and has enough content in each production to split out and encourage views, subscriptions and interest back in Twitch, and across other social networks.

Who The F@&k Is - EP004 Liana Kerzner

Who The F@&k Is..? Episode 4 – Liana Kerzner

Though it has already made it onto Spotify and Stitcher, I’m still waiting to clear it on to iTunes, but this has been a technical issue as opposed to a content issue, so the show should be cleared soon.  **UPDATE** Who The F@&k Is..? is now available on iTunes! More platforms, more audience reach.

Dogg Barks is a tough one, tougher than I anticipated. The idea of a phone in talk show is solid on paper, but the current size of the audience can’t overcome the nerves of actually coming on air to talk. Topics are difficult to choose and sometimes there really does seem nothing of worth to discuss. I don’t want it to be a news show, I don’t want it to have to chase controversy to get an engaged audience.

Dogg Barks

Dogg Barks Talk/Call in Show

But hey, this is an experiment overall, not everything is going to work out. I don’t want to have to force enthusiasm for a subject I really couldn’t give a fuck about, and I’m sure the audience I have wouldn’t want to see that anyway. It has only had 4 weeks running, so I may back burner it and use the Saturday night slot for something else, something with audience participation, or even another podcast.

We’ll see.

Part of this whole experiment is to get the tech solid and and deliver great sounding and looking content so that I can play in the paddling pool of formats. A couple more weeks of constant production and finally nailing those last niggling issues and I can finally look to the next stage, live recording a tutorial series for streamers and content creators.

Now I’d better fuck off and get ready to stream some more.

Dogg Out.

Am I talking shit? Am I making sense? Let me know by writing below!

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