What the Fuck is “Who The F@&k Is..?”


Who The F@&k Is..? Is a new live podcast on my Twitch channel, which will also be available on iTunes and YouTube soon after. A conversational format where I’m joined with a guest to get to know who the fuck they are, I’ve a long list of potential guests and have already started to assemble them. This coincides with a new approach to my channel, other platforms and also this blog.

Things are happening, and this is the first one I’m announcing, so head on over to twitch, check out the first episode on the 28th July 2019 at 8pm BST, if you’re into content creation this first show will be a great watch, and you’ll get to discover another great creator along the way (no, not me, fuck off).

Keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram for more teases of what’s to come.

Dogg Out

Am I talking shit? Am I making sense? Let me know by writing below!

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