Where in the world is MahdDogg?


I guess a bit of explanation is in order due to the ongoing lack of streams. Those who follow me on Twitch will have noticed I’ve not been streaming much over the last couple of months, to call it sporadic is definitely an understatement. So what gives? Where the fuck has The Dogg been?

Well one thing you will probably already know is that streaming on Twitch is my hobby, not how I earn a living. By trade I am an Editor and Visual Effects artist in the Film and Television industry. Back in 2014 I walked out of the grind of “regular” work for an ISP and went back to roots as a freelancer.

It’s taken 3 years to rebuild the career I began in 1997 (fuck me 20 years????) hustling day to day to bring in work and keep my little family afloat. Well, to continue the metaphor, I’ve recently gone from splashing around in the swimming pool to fair drowning in an ocean of projects, which is great. I’m not going to moan about it!

Being able to apply the skills I’ve developed over the last 2 decades AND get paid a proper industry rate for it AND be my own boss is what I worked towards all those previous years; and if it wasn’t for the break to get a “real job” as people outside the industry call it, I may have reached this point some years ago. But that is by the by.

This brings me up to now.

My workdays consist of sitting in front of a computer every day, problem solving, working to deadlines and fiddling in After Effects and Premiere for 8 or so hours. By the time I’m done the thought of remaining in the chair and streaming for 3 hours feels a lot like more work if I’m going to be honest.

I’ve always said that streaming is my hobby, not my vocation. I love doing it. I love the craic in the chat. I love people I’ve made think, or laugh, or spit out their drink in sheer outrage at my unfettered brain dumps. I love the other streamers I’ve come to be friends and colleagues with, and these last couple of months has left a big hole with not streaming.

So with that in mind I just wanted you all to know I’m not gone. I’m not going anywhere. I just need some time to figure out the best way to proceed and figure out how balancing work life with streaming life is going to work. In the meantime I’ll be floating around in chats, talking bollocks on twitter and occasionally throwing up a Sims vid on YouTube.

Once I’ve got my head around it all, well, I’ll let Arnie finish this up.



  1. hdselezen · · Reply

    Dude. You don’t have to explain. Real life is real life. Do your thing. We’ll still be here. Waiting. Watching. Judging in badly spelled, broken English….

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  2. Good for you Dawgg! See you around o7

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  3. Piers · · Reply

    People in “proper jobs” think that being self-employed is a cushy life but it sounds like you’re going through the same as me – drowning in work, but it’s so satisfying if you can get the balance right.

    Hope to see you back soon, and good luck.

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