UC Berkeley: Antifa riots outside to prevent a talk taking place. There is NO moral justification for this.


Protests at UC Berkeley. Protesters chanting “This is what community looks like.”

This should prompt a clear out… I am now going to exercise my right to free speech, I’m not going to kill, oppress or take anyone’s rights away. You may disagree with what follows, but I’m past giving a fuck now.

UC Berkeley: Antifa riots outside to prevent a talk taking place. There is NO moral justification for this.

Video from the scene at UC Berkeley

Supporters of the speaker have been pepper sprayed whilst doing interviews, beaten with Antifa flag poles, fucking lamp posts have been torn down, fireworks shot at people and the buildings and then all down for a nice burning.

While I care very little for the guy speaking I do care about what example this violence and those who try to justify it are leading our society to. We’re seeing the pigs mentality from Animal Farm being used to justify this abhorrent turn of events, and yes with this analogy I am saying the pigs are the protesters who scream for equality, except for the person (a gay Jewish Greek guy) who they want to silence.

This is where laughing at people punching right wingers gets us. This is where acceptance of silencing speech heads. This is where apologia for violence against speech takes us. Where the fascists are the ones who claim to be the Antifa.

C3ogIiKUYAAHUGa.jpgThe incessant virtue signalling bullshit about “love”, “peace” and “tolerance” as people sit there all smug whilst these fuckers, cheered on by them and their peers, tear down the fundamental right to speech because they don’t agree with what someone says.

They’re so swift to compare people to the Nazis it’s at the point now I’m pretty convinced none of them have the first clue what a fucking Nazi or white supremacist is!

Labelling and demonising others whilst promoting fear, division and violence; gives these Antifa thugs carte blanche to behave like the Sturmabteilung. These people being protested aren’t Nazis, they aren’t white nationalists, they aren’t the KKK. They’re just conservatives. They have every right to speak, gather, debate and disseminate their thoughts to those who want to listen. Just because you don’t like what they say DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO ACT VIOLENTLY.

You can dislike conservatives, you can dislike his high exulted Wotsitness or whoever. When you allow them to be silenced through violence it is YOU who are the fascist. It’s YOU who is the authoritarian. It is YOU who are the danger to society. This isn’t a movement for civil rights, it’s a movement for people who already have them but despise that others who think differently to them have the same rights they do.

“They have the right to protest!” I hear you say? “They’re people who are afraid for their lives!” I hear you retort.

One, violence and destruction is not a protest, it’s a riot. It’s criminal and those who partake in it are not fearful protesters, they’re criminals.

Two, people afraid for their lives live in actual dictatorships, regimes where their thoughts can be criminalised, their lack of or alternate faith criminalises or makes them second class citizens, or where their sexual orientation is a death sentence. Those people are afraid for their lives.

16406725_10154077157786856_3294915555246856173_n.jpgThe fuckheads smashing Starbucks, burning limos, pepperspraying girls being interviewed on the news, setting fire to people’s hair, beating people with their Antifa flags, destroying lamp posts and burning college property, firing rockets and Roman candles at buildings and people, they aren’t afraid for their lives, this isn’t the behaviour of the fearful. It’s the behaviour of the hateful.

Video of girl being interviewed and pepper sprayed by Antifa


  1. The Otaku Judge · · Reply

    Some people only believe in free speech if what is being said matches their ideals.


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